Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fairy Page 1

Well! I finished Page 1 of the fairy and only 5 more pages to go. A great friend of mine tells me the pencil marks will wash out and I sure hope so. On to the next page.

and now I leave you with an inch to stitch


  1. This is going to be a stunner! Good job!

  2. It looks lovely allready. Following your blog now

  3. that good friend sure hopes it will, dare she suggest that you take a day off and give the rest of the fabric a quick wet down to fad the heavy lines out prior to stitching further... Only soft soft soft in the lead and it will always wash out. It is coming along quickly eh? Nice work Jan

  4. Looks awesome!!! I know it will be breathtaking when it's finished!

  5. There is a fabric marking pencil that your can get at the sewing/quilting store. Cheap investment foe the peace of mind it will go away.Great progress


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