Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick Trip to Brantford

It was quite a day on Saturday as we made a quick trip to Cambridge, Brantford and Hamilton. Yes I was in Brantford again on Saturday cause my hubby wanted to visit his sister and see the kitchen progress. I didn't get to do any stitching on Saturday with Jayne so that was different. I have been making wine so tonight I have to bottle it and get it ready for Xmas. I am off to Newmarket so my mom can get a test and maybe I can get some stitching done while I wait for her.

and now I leave you with an inch to stitch


  1. wine? you got wine? lol what a nice surprise on Saturday even if the darn dogs didn't get that memo...

  2. I get it...our Jayne is your SIL wonder you are both such cool chicks! You have such a beautiful blog, Jan.
    Hugs and kisses
    Ma TK


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